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 My site deals with the PTC's /Paid to Click/ world. Emerges from the abbreviation, different firms pay you money, if you looking their advertisement. This basis, but the essence a network's development. We can't be earn huge properties, but we achievement perfectly a regular monthly income. We need for nothing, only an Internet connection, perseverance, and a minimal english language knowledge. There is no need money investments, like in other internet pages, we only investments energy and time.

I would present the bases shortly, with which can be started the work, but everybody will experience the things on his own leather beside continuous learning, to develop his own strategy. Is worth a test that we try it, if not nice, it is possible to stop it any time, and we did not make a loss on the thing.

Many sides deal with the presentation of the basis steps, but they do not expand on it already, what we shall do after the registrations, I try to present these.

Account opening:

The first step the formation of our Internet account, and then it's authentication. Two quasi basis account necessary to the  Internet work, but actually one sufficient. The most widespread the Paypal Internet bank, the other the Alertpay. The majority of the sites works with these two account types, but a diverse new opportunity appeared recently, like Liberty Reserve, Moneybookers...etc. When we registration on a single PTC page, we always read the payment method. We say shortly AP and PP the two banks. These pages we can registration in the www.paypal.com and the www.alertpay.com site. We necesarry minimal english language knowledge to the registration. If we have language problem, the different internet dictionaries always help me / for example I make this webpage with a net dictionary:)/ After the succesful registration, we have to authenticate our account, the safe very important like original banking. The Alertpay needs our document's /personal docu, or driver licence/ and a domestic account's /telephone, gas/ picture. We prepare these quickly, and add their webpages, they authenticated this couple of days. The Paypal ask me our cash card, that we attached our account. In this step, we join our internet account to our bank account, and we can easly send money between any  time.
Paypal one of the safest and most accepted net banks, we meet this on much place, for example the trade of the Ebay is going on through this largely, but it is accepted everywhere on the internet, so that if in the later you do not want to work with PTC, our accounts may remain to Internet shoppings, transactions. If we stall in the account opening's labyrinth, we use the google search, beacuse many sites help me step by step, but I would recommend the Neobux's Forum, if you have any problem, you find help here in your mother language.


About the work:

The work may begin before the opening of the accounts, the most important thing, that we have a confirm account, when we make our first cashout. We must register in PTC sites, and we start immediately clicking. We can earn 1-4 cent  a site averagely daily, which is not a big sum. I wrote that this project is a network construction. If we have referals/ we called this refs/, real people working under me, and we get some percent their earning. This is about 20-50% in different sites. If we have some hundred refs, we can earn big money, and we can't forget the multi-level refs sites.

Distinguish PTC and Aurora sites. PTC sites entail a bigger income, but their enormous percentage cheating site. If we want to working safe, we working with the Aurora sites, which means smaller income, but several refs we achieve a beautiful result here, and incomparably safer. You can find more Aurora sites in bigger number in my site.

The biggest problem in the PTC's world the SCAM. There are cheating sites, which don't pay me. The most of the pages are SCAM, I think about 90% cheating. You can very cautious, but only the experience can help you! You find my site only paying sites, if one of these not paying, immediatly lost, and go to scamlist. Some people only working to cheat, earn money, or advertise their sites, and they the biggest problem. Most of the people stop working, and the reasons is the cheaters and the scams. We hate this people, I would recommended my friend's SCAM-list. Andrei very cautious, and refresh his page every day:



I present you how function a system /for exaple through Cash-harvest, here we can find every important thing/. We can register in the Join /somewhere else Sign up/ menu. Here we have to add our personal data, and sometimes we can authenticate our reg with an e-mail. After reg we can go to our account through Login item. We must careful:

- Always read Terms /sometimes TOS/

- Always read Forum. If we can't find Forum, maybe it is a scam. Here we have to see Payment Proofs, and we see is Admin active...etc.

- Always use different passwords in every pages!!!


Very important menu item Purchase /or Advertise/. Here you can buy advertisements, buy or rent referals, if we have any money in my account. We can shopping to our account balance in most of pages. I very much recommend the different Package, we can buy lot of advertisements in low price with these. Here we can buy Premium Memberships. With PM we can earn more money, lowest cashout, more refs money...etc. You read the terms very carefully.

In the Manage Ads menu item you can take your own advertisements /banners, sign ups...etc/. In the Promote /Banners/ menu item you can find own references, banners, what you can recommend each others

You can earn money in the Earnings Area /or View Ads/ menu item. If we clicking, we earn different moneys. We meet Surf Link, Read Ads options in the Aurora sites. Here we can earn little money /the most of people only clicking the bigger value ads;)/. In the Paid to signup menu, we can earn money, if we registered an another page through that.

You can find here the Cheat-check modul. This is an anti-cheating system, and not to hard, sometimes you can see a star near the correct answer:)

You can cashout in the Withdraw /Cashout/ menu item if we reach the minimal limit. I tell you what have to do after the cashout, maybe nothing find this. If you get your first cashout, we can add an answer is the Forum /some page have to add more cashouts, or for example every second/. This is good thing, you can see in the Forum, how paying the page.

The easiest manner: Go to your account, and copy your payment proof's text to the Forum /see other proofs/. If you register in the Forum again, you have to use New Topics menu item, and copy your proof. Very important, that you always cleared the transactions number, and own e-mail address /for example put stars/. We tell with this procedure, we get cashout to our right account, and everything OK. If we want to make it more nicely, we go to the account proof's text, and put Prt Sc Sys Rq button, and the we use the Paint program. Here we can copy the link to the program. here we cut the right part, clear the transaction number and e-mail address, and save this. This file go to Forum, and we working very well:). This is very hard procedure, but then you have experience, and it will be more and more easier.

Some hints:

- Their common feature the little money, but bigger safety. They are refreshed often, worthy to look at them many times daily. I would recommended these sites for network-building, but let everybody build up own portfolio, and advertise the own well paying sites.

- 97-99% from PTCs are SCAM. Don't register every day, if you look a new PTC site.

- Useful thing standing on the more foot, to look up the possible one most paying sites. You may go to bankrupt, if you working only withe some pages. It is possible to lose big money under moments, if you bring bad decisions, and you roll back money to bad places.

- Not be cheater! You find lot of cheater automata-programs in the net, but it is not good. You and your country easly go black-list /like asian members in lot of pages/.


Try it, maybe you can earn lot of money, and don't forget: If something not clear, take a question in the Neobux's Forum.

Good luck!