The plainest manner for the achievment a bigger passive income, if we build a vertically deeper network system. You needn't sell anything, and needn't investments. The most important thing, we have to get more and more 1 level referals, whos will be build our system. The most people will be inactive, but enough some active members, and our system will be bigger and bigger.

Here my donkeymails account:

You can see the 5 level ref system. I build my first level system, and they will build more an more the system. We earn refs, if we advertise the ptc site, maybe in our website.

We can earn money with the Paid2Click option, here we can see advertisements, but we can more earn money with the income letters. We simply open the Your Inbox, and search a hyperlink, like this, that we find often above the NonPaidAd word:

I hope, i can help you a little bit, maybe try it, or use this infos to another multilevel systems. I offer you some pages, where you can build a bigger system, and earn bigger passive income: No Minimum Payout