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2010 Sept. 1.

- news: The hard disks of the server for VelvetClix, Theclickers, and Offersandclicks have crashed. Our techs are worked on this now and will be up as soon as possible. Cash-harvest is on another server yet it's "name server" was on that server. They are now changed and cash-harvest is up. We will be back as quick as possible.

2010 Aug. 31.

- news: Many users was banned from forum, complaints about non-payment. Be careful!

2010 Aug. 26.

- news: They've removed the Forum, it is now a SCAM, stay away!

2010 Aug. 24.

- news: Too many complaints about non-payment. Be careful!

2010 Aug. 14.

- news: Fortunately everything went hummingly with server movement. As stated we have a better server, not better only. This server has all functions and hardwares that a big website should have. We'd like to inform you are going to have 3 free extending days for rented referrals and Superior membership. For the next 72 hours you'll have a %10 bonus for deposits made via Alertpay/Paypal to compensate downtimes. Above all we'll be introducing newest membership, 'Supreme Membership' next week. Payments are still being sent in promised times, just check our Terms Of Service before submitting a ticket. I'd prefer to be mistaken about instant payments, unfortunately our cheating system shows they will never give up. All to the good we have empathetic users supporting us to run a stable business. We are sure you opt being paid in a few days/no cheater to instant payments/paying cheaters. That's a truth, PTC websites offering instant payments around should give up paying cheaters.

2010 Aug. 3.

- news: Admin is on his honeymoon and they have some problems with the payment queue. Be careful!

2010 Jul. 22.

- news: Well it has been a long journey. We have had our ups and downs. But today we have gotten the worse possible news from our hosting company. We have been battling with hackers for a few weeks now. What this hacker did in particular was inject Chase Bank files into our file manager. Every time the files get deleted they reappear in another folder. We cannot find the source that regenerates the files.
The RSA contacted our hosting provider and all its uplines about this. So now my hosting provider & the upline to my host has the pressure on. If I was not suspended quickly by my host then they could get shutdown as a result for not shutting me down. So we have the option to find a brand new hosting provider but we would have to pay a fortune more. We would love to do so but unfortunately we would not be able to afford it.
Everyone that has recently purchased from SmileyClicks can join over at EvolutionClix. You will receive 3 times the amount of ads/referrals you purchased. Yes the site may be smaller but we will work with the money we have to make it as successful as SmileyClicks.

2010 Jul. 20.

- news: They have 100.000 member, and 1-2 payment proof/month - not a good sign. Be careful!

2010 Jul. 15.

- news: The site closing down

- news: Forum not available, not paying, stay away!

- news: Problems with the database and the cashout. Be careful!

2010 Jul. 10.

- news: Cashout only upgraded members! Stay away, big-big scam!

2010 Jul. 9.

- news: Members complain of non-payment in the Forum. Be careful!

2010 Jul. 5.

- news: Problems with their database, but they will pay about 15.July - or not...

2010 Jun. 17.

- gone: Forum still working, but the Admin is inactive.

2010 Jun. 13.

- is for sale: Well guys sorry it has come to this but I have decided to sell the site.
The problem with paypal is stil ongoing and I dont know if it will ever be resolved. If you do not know what I am talking about please go read the forums.
If anyone is interested with buying the site email me and I will give all essential information about the site in a reply to you. I will only be accpeting best only offers.
If however things change before the site gets sold I may stop the sale and go back to normal. If that happens I will let everyone know the good news.

2010 Jun. 4.

- news: Problems with the server, but the other sites /simplyclix, icptc, vipclix/ are working.

- news: The site owner is the Snbux's owner, which a SCAM. Be careful!

- news: The site will close with the clixproptc, and the surfingthisptc. If someone has reached the payout limit, can cashout until Jun. 5.

2010 May. 26.

- news: Account has been suspended.

2010 May. 24.

- news: Not paying, and banned more accounts. Stay away!

2010 May. 23.

- news: Payout is blocked. The reason: health problems. Be careful!

- news: Hola Members, and once again we have decreased our Minimum Payout :) :) :) And now its only $0.60 via Paypal with many many ads, and some high paying ads too :) :)

2010 May. 20.

- has gone again!

- have new minimum payout limit 0,1$!

2010 May. 14.

- news: The last few days have not been good for Manobux. First we have had crash problems with the server. We made some modifications today on it and it should be better now. There has been more problems added to this like bugs, AlertPay, and the things we were actually coding when all this started. We plan to fixe everything up one by one. If we take all members that have more or at least $2 in their balance cashout. We won't be able to pay it all. It means that we were making to many cashout for the money invested. As has the object to stay for a long time we had to stop cashout for a while until we find a solution. We thought about this and there are to many members making cashout without investing any dollards. e liked the bux the way it was but we have to change it. From now on, only people than have invested in Manobux can cashout up to 150% of investment. his new system will be added on 15 may 2010.

I think it won't be long live site, be careful!

2010 May. 10.

- news: Working again, everything OK!

2010 May. 8.

- news: Hello Guys, I have my marriage anniversary on 9th May, this is my 3rd anniversary so I, my wife and my son is planning to go out for vacation for 10 days. So for the site safety I am disabling the cashout. I know most of people are waiting for their money to make cashout. But we need to safety the site as I am not around. So I am disabling cashout for 10 days. When I back from vacation I hope that we can start cashout again in normal rule (old rule).

- news: The site doesn't work since yesterday. I've asked in forum, what is the reason. Waiting.

2010 May. 4.

- news: The Paypal had limited their account, too. No PP cashout! Be careful!

2010 May. 3.

- news: Too many complaints about non-payment or suspended accounts again. Be careful!

2010 Apr. 30.

- news: Being sold, Forum not available - Stay away! /Same owner: PPlinx, Plusclix-Be careful!/

- suspended lot of accounts. It was a bug, the admin repaired it very fast.

2010 Apr. 29.

- news: Forum not available, and not paying--->SCAM! Stay away!

2010 Apr. 23.

- and the have new payout limit 1$ with PP & AP again!

2010 Apr. 22.

9.1 We no longer accept members from China and some IPs from Romania.

9.2 Members from Taiwan, Hongkong and Egypt needs to upgrade before they can Cashout. This rule is made due to numerous confirmed cheaters from the above countries.

- news: Throughout the whole history of AdPTC, there have been constant problems with PayPal. Today our PayPal account has been permanently suspended. Of course AdPTC is not going to stop functioning because of loosing $12,000. It's going to be tough first, but together we'll cope with this. AlertPay, Liberty Reserve and NETELLER will be used. It means that cashouts via Liberty Reserve will be back within a week. NETELLER will be available pretty soon too. Once again, this is not an attempt to run away (like many other sites did), AdPTC will grow stronger and stronger without PayPal.

The system of depositing money has been improved. Now it's possible to move funds from AdPTC balance to advertising balance.

2010 Apr. 19.

- gone, suspended

2010 Apr. 12.

- news: Of course the site is not closed. The Domain was reniewed in time, [Untill April 2011](as anyone can see at "" e.g., but for some strange reason some (many) people see it as "Expired". I am sure it will be visible soon again for all. As You can see at the "Payment Proof" board paypal payments were done yesterday (Allthough only 2 members from 30 yesterday have posted proof Cry)
We are here and we shall be here. And it is scheduled a script Upgrade and a beautiful "Face Lift" (Don't worry, The Farmer and his wife will be there Grin)

2010 Apr. 11.

- gone: This domain name expired on Apr 10 2010 02:39AM Waiting:)

2010 Apr. 10.

- news: We will soon move to a new faster server after a few weeks of problems with the site performance. The website can be offline up to 48 hours after we move... No comment:)

2010 Apr. 9.


- sold, and the Forum gone. Be careful!

- news: In almost a month we had our paypal account limited. Most likely because of the all higher cashflow we had. A lot of premium members requested payment more than once everyday, something we limited way too late. This all triggered paypal automatic limitation system (atleast that's what I think). Now the paypal account is unlimited again and we can start recovering from the damage this all have done to us all. This is how we will continue while we are recovering:

Premium members:
You will receive your payment within 25 days (note within not after)
The maximum amount you can request is 100$, the rest will be added back to your account balance.
You can convert your account balance to rental balance by opening a support ticket.
You need to be willing to convert atleast 100$ or we won't do it.
We will later allow you to withdraw without limits.

Standard members:
You will receive your payment within 45 days.
To request your first payment you will need to have atleast 10 referrals and 1$ in referral earnings or more.
To request your second payment and all the payments after that, you will need to have at least 20 referrals and 2$ in referral earnings or more.
50% of the referrals must be international, meaning that they can't come from the same country.
You can't convert your account balance to rental balance by opening a support ticket like premium members.
To rent, you will need to deposit money by using alertpay or paypal.

I know that some of you won't like this but it's the only way we can continue without becomming a site that force members to upgrade. This way we will also detect more cheaters before they are paid and avoid most of the fraud funds ptc sites receive everyday. This information will be written in the terms and the cashout page. Thanks to everyone that supported us in the dark times. Every premium member that patiently waited for the paypal payment was paid yestarday.

I wait my money since weeks, and now, they clear my cashout. Now I need 10 active refs, and 45 days??? Thieving!!! The pplinx very slowly since weeks, and the plusclix is a joke. I think stay away!!!

2010 Apr. 5.

- news: New status from the "since years online LinkGrand" :

Premium Membership *PRE-ORDER*
Our official premium launch date is April 18th, 2010. We highly encourage users to pre-order now! Our advertisers are looking forward to at least 1000 premium members on launch day.
As a confirmed premium member, there will be more links available for you to click on that are not available to regular members.
You will earn double cash on all premium links viewed. This is $0.006 for each click.
You will be placed on our priority mailing list so that you receive all newsletters and updates before regular members.
You will be granted the option to have an email sent to you each time a new link is available.
You will continue to receive 10% commission on all purchases from your referrals and 30% of their earnings from clicking.
This complete package of benefits is available for an amazingly low, amazingly simple yearly payment of just $10.00 !

OR get a lifetime membership for a one-time payment of just $20.00 and never pay again! The choice is yours.

- news: some members complaining of losing direct referrals, and complain of non-payment.

2010 Apr. 3.

- news: We need donation from you, because PP has limited our account and the lots of people has ask refund.

2010 Apr. 2.

- is working again

- news: We're here to let you know that there is now a double and triple order going on from 1st of April 2010 until 3rd of April GMT+8. All purchases below $50 will be doubled and all purchases above $50 will be TRIPLED! Buy 1 special get 1 FREE! Remember, purchases above $50 must be in a single receipt to get them tripled. Referrals and memberships will not be doubled nor tripled. Now, we are also having a purchase contest from today until 31st of April 2010! Not only do you get your orders double and tripled, you also stand a chance to win lucrative prizes(cash prizes!). Read our forum for more information =)

2010 Apr. 1.

- news: Cash-Harvest is almost 2 years online (since May 2008) and last monday had reached 50,000 members. Real people who read  our advertiser's ads and view their sites. No proxies, no bots, no cheaters. All our honest members have always been paid on time. The site is on a fast secure dedicated since last October.

-'s incrased the minimum PP cashout to 5.5$

2010 Mar. 31.

- and the have new payout limit 0,5$ with PP/masspay/!

- Domain suspended

- news: As of Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 Omnibux will no longer offer instant cashouts. All Standard & Superb members With 10 or More Referrals Must Upgrade to a Preferred Membership.

2010 Mar. 30.

- news: We have some server difficulties with speed at present, it is not just a matter of server size. Please bear with us as we try to fix. There may be some downtime and the server may be slow.

- news: Executing critical maintenance, please hold. Your data is safe.

- is using SVBux script /same owner/, which goes to scam. Be careful!

2010 Mar. 29.

- news: China,Japan,Thailand, Taiwan and Hongkong members have to upgrade to cashout.
You can use discount to upgrade.
We declined the banner/ad you put in for advertising, because there is something wrong with the link... Please have a look at it.

2010 Mar. 28.

- working well again

- news: Hello, it seems that paypal investigation will take a while and the payments will be made just in a few days.So please cancel your paypal pending payment and request alertpay instead if you have an AP account . For those that do not own an alertpay account, don't  worry. You will be able to receive your money soon, patience is the key.

2010 Mar. 27.

- news: After a few days with only alertpay available for purchases, the paypal is now enabled again. The idea with only alertpay available is good in theory but in reallity it only hurt the business. There are less sales and too many people only use paypal. Once again it's up to the paypal support team. We have received a reply a few days ago from the investigation team so this issue is going to be solved sooner or later. Their forum is back. Forum - But there's another problem. As on any other PTC, alertpay is mostly used for cashing out (70%), while paypal is for purchasing. Now, when we are in situation of not being able to send payments with paypal, alertpay is suffering a lot! Members are still buying with paypal, and since alertpay is the only method of cashing out, the situation is like this: We have 5% funds on alertpay, and 95% on our limited paypal! Thus, I encourage you to purchase with alertpay instead of paypal if you can. So, I opened this topic just to tell you that it won't be strange if we close payouts for now, until paypal is fully functional, after that we will balance both paypal and alertpay trough bank deposits.

2010 Mar. 26.

- Some problem with again: You can't earn money, becasue you get a message: Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request. They are working again...

- Some problem with, and it's sistersites. Their account was limited by the PP, and they try to use the AP account/ advertising actions/. But i wait my cashout since weeks, the forum gone and then active again/why?/, the's server very slowly, and i wait my cashout since 3-4weeks, the very inactive, no advertising, no cashouts. Maybe they have lot of problem, but there are not good signs.

2010 Mar. 24.

- goes to SCAM!

2010 Mar. 23.

- news: All members will receive 20% off any purchase over the next 5 days.  Now is a great time to stock up on advertising credits!  Also, the minimum PayPal withdraw has temporarily been lowered to $0.29 for Basic Members.

- news: Yes, within the next 48 hours until Mar 24 00:00 the alertpay orders will be doubled.
Everything you buy will be doubled! Advertising credits, ptsu credits, referrals, etc.

2010 Mar. 22.

- news: The optimization is ready. The site is being moved to a different server, the DNS update might take up to 74 hours.

2010 Mar. 21.

- news: We only sent payments to members that have average ratio clicks > 3. If you have your payment canceled it's because: Your AVG < 3 or You not click in last 15 days. All members that follow Terms of service receive payments! We made 2 mass payments per week, this mean members can receive payment between 45days and 55 days after payment request. Members only need upgrade to verified membership ($3.5/year) and get instant payments and if not receive payments, members can request a chargback at paypal/alertpay!

2010 Mar. 18.

- news: Hi, as some of you know our paypal account was limited so that means until this issue is solved our pplinx funds can not be sent to anyone.
For this reason I decided to do like this. The next paypal payment will be in the end of this month, it's a 15 days delay or less for some people. The alertpay payments were done today as a symbol that the site is paying, I know it's not very fair but that's all I could think of.
When paypal allow us to use them again without limits, I also want to move pplinx to a new server. I know that many people experienced that the site was very slow and that is not good for any of us.
New specials will be later added so please try to buy it with alertpay if you are interested in it and remember that orders are manually approved. It can take up to 48 hours to get them approved depending on how busy I am.

- news: AlertPay payment option is now fully accepted. Everything OK!

2010 Mar. 17.

- has removed the Forum panel, first sign to go to Scam! Same owner:

2010 Mar. 15.

- news: We've finished the optimization of the forum, but it's still pretty slow because it's on the same server with the unoptimized AdPTC site. The forum will be moved to a new more powerful server with 72 hours, and it will run really fast. The same thing will happen with AdPTC's site within 2 weeks.

2010 Mar. 14.

- /with freebirdbux, yourprofitbux, memberbux/ increase the rental refs prices. Standard members must pay $1.25 per referral per 30 days. You can earn 0,0025$/ref click, and you can't earn more than 50cent with a ref/30 days, if your refs always clicking. I think it is thieving!